Tuesday, 1 May 2007

A Hat made of hair? Ewww

I have been really bad at posting recently because of the Dumb exams we are ment to be revising for. Yes, i admit it i am ment to be revising for French right now. Or doing Art but... oh well i thought i would do this instead.
All last week my friends have had their spanish exchanges over, i didn't have one because i do French but the spanish ppl were very nice and funny. I remembered my spanish (some of it) i gave it up last year - i had literally forgotten it all except hola. The exchanges were called Brenda and Victoria we had many fun times as i went out alot with them to help my friends. One of them was when Brenda spent £50 yes, £50 in accessories in ACCESSORIZE i mean £50 in topshop would be fine but accessorize?? then, she wanted to take it all back!!! and we had a hard time explaing to her in spanish until hurrah the manager turned out to be spanish and so she explained it all.
Here are some loverly pictures of different styles of hair which i took or not but i found them in a tony and guy magazine and lovingly arranged them for you to see.

the beehive

The knot

the hat

see - you can make honey from hair you can tie it in a knot and it will keep your head warm.

what a stupid joke i will explain beehive, bees, honey? get it?


Moose on the Loose said...

Very interesting. The only reason that they could be viewed positively is that they are very artistic.You have to be a stunningly gorgeous person for them to look good on you.

Tru said...

the first hair style is cool

L. said...

Those are hilarious, especially the hat one. In all fairness though you would have to be pretty skilled to do that.

Fashionyou's Molly said...

Haha. That makes me laugh as i had tried out the whole hat-hair style on my friends a while ago- didnt come out quite as planned, instead looked like a wonky ponytail!
Thanks for signing!

discothequechic said...

oh dear....honey...behive.


Great pictures, the beehive is my favourite.

So are you doing GCSEs?
No, I'm not going to audition for Skins. If I did it would just be someone in the background! My friend is though, and hes great so hopefully he'll get the part.

S xx


the last one is a bit freaky, but very classy. and i really like those colored skinny pants!

-ciao bella- said...

haha! how very interesting... some people are just absolutely insane these days (in reference to the hat thingy)

Diana Coronado said...

So interesting, they look cool!!