Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Babysitting and Sportmax

Sorry this is a lazy post but i have an excuse as i have to go babysit! I love babysitting it is the easiest way to make money. I did it last week and i got money for just watching The Devil Wears Prada with the sweetist and nicest little girl ever. I am getting really stressed out by exams and i need to prepare my french oral but as ever blogger hold of me and i ended up writing this instead.
Don't you love these chlothes from Sportmax? The skirt is so pretty and the shorts are rather in your face but i still love them. If only i had the money...maybe i should save up all my babysitting money....nooo topshop awaits.

It reminds me of a tulip
These remind me of a clown
You remind me of a fairy...


discothequechic said...


the top one is haha.

I did babysitting last night too, and I actually did revision. Porbably because blogger wasn't there to distract me and its so much easier to revise at other peoples houses.

I was really worried about my french oral, but it turned out ok in the end, and Im really not very good at french haha.

Just practise your presentation lots!

S xx

-ciao bella- said...

what a gorgeous skirt! and yeah good luck with your exams- mine are coming up in a week and a half and i'm not even near ready...

Anonymous said...

actually i looove the shorts they're like circus/carney stuff, but it works!

Emma said...

Heh, I liked this post a lot. I babysit too, but I'm a totally crap babysitter and I let my charges run wild.

discothequechic said...

yayy I just realised...

the Go! Team are in your toolbar. I love them! I've seen them twice and they were so fantastic, Huddl Formation is bascially the song to get me dancing at parties haha.

S xx

discothequechic said...

haha, how funny, I went to the exhibition and bought the book too!

It was rather expensive, but worth it I reckon, I love big coffee table fashion books! And I love the texture of the cover...

the Mert and Piggott section was my favourte so a shame it was the smallest and the Steven Klein portriat of K Fed with his neck slit open made my cringe so much, but it is very clever.

I love the National Portrait Gallery I come up to London quite a lot (I am next weekend, actually) and always like popping in.

Your opinion of Kate M is quite refreshing actually, because I'm a little upset that I feel shes been a little overexposed of late.

Just to let you know, you can't write comments on your new post so you'll need to edit that post and click "Post Options" then "Allow"

woww long comment too haha.

S xx

PS, Garr! Just realised I haven't linked you, don't knw why, sorry, I will now.

Mash said...

i Loved to watch the devils wears prada but I prefer the book(much more details ).
The pink skirt is gorgeous .
bonne chance pour ton oral de fran├žais , je croise les doigts .