Friday, 27 April 2007

Throwing Biscuits at the ducks

I recently had a picnic in Hyde Park; it looks so lovely at this time of year. We were feeding the geese and ducks in the Serpentine with biscuits and my brother was trying to knock them out. It reminded me of About a Boy (the film with Hugh Grant) where the weird boy throws a loaf of bread at the ducks and kills one of them. You know the actor who plays the weird boy was recently in Skins. Skins is about British teenagers – about their wild partying and family troubles which are all hugely exaggerated. But true based. You know us British Teens – CRAZY. Anyway if any of you overseas people get a chance to watch it DO it is hilarious

the birds in hyde park

pretty picture


i recently bought a pair of pink skinny jeans from h and m for only £15!!!

Sorry this is a very random post. This is the next lot of urban outfitter stuff i really really want.

i love these trousers i like the green ones best. if i got them i would have trousers in all the colours of the rainbow as i already have pink ones.

i love this picture all the models have different colour trousers on. i think i am getting obessed with colourful trousers....

from the magazine i-d

thank you for reading this very mixed up post!


Tru said...

lovely pants from h&m

F.M. said...

Love the carelessly cool ID shoot.

-ciao bella- said...

love this post! so random but great find on those h&m pants and yes, that was an extremely funny scene with the duck in About a Boy... xx

fashionnerd said...

that's a great shoot! and the pink pants are cool too :)

lauren said...

Cool pants! You pull off the look well.

Emma said...

i think colored pants are growing on me.
lurve the geese and ducks. i used to spent hours feeding them and chasing them about as well.

Moose on the Loose said...

I loooove your new pants. The colored skinny jeans are sooo cute!!

Fashionyou's Molly said...

I do love the whole coloured jeans thing :)
Love the blog

discothequechic said...

haha, random indeed, but its good!

I love these jeans too, esp the pale green ones, but I reckon they might get overexposed soon.

The whole white raybans and skinny jeans. Garr, I don't want it to, I love it too much!

I looove skins. Its set in Bristol where I live, so the city is buzzing wiht talk of the next series being filmed and the auditions process! Lucky haha...

S xx

Carolina Lange said...

Not too many girls can look good with those pants, but you did it! Great pants!

Nicci said...

I love and miss Skins !
Your jeans are hott too !