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Tuesday, 8 July 2008

WOW Long Time and No Blog!

Here are some beautiful photos By Horst Diekgerdes which were featured in the March 2008 Another magazine I know are rather old but they are so beautiful I thought i would put them up anyway :) the stylist was Katy England... click here to see them on the dazed digital website...
Also, I have recently fallen in love with this guy's haircut from the 90's alt rock group The Stone Roses don't ask me why.. I find it just so grungey and rockery.. i love the 90's
Also, I have found such a beautiful man/ boy who was in therock band called Skid Row, he is actually one of the prettiest boys i have ever ever seen and goes by the name of Sebastian Bach...
I hope you are all well, and I going to start posting a lot more regualy... so i will definitely post soon.

Thank you for reading

Emily x

Monday, 7 July 2008

Chothes Diary

Hello my loveliess
Right, now all my work is done i am going to get this blog up and running again because it is awful how badly i have miss treated it.
I am going to start by including some pictures from a chothes diary i have kept now we are allowed to wear our own chlothes to school. However i have quite a lot of pictures! so there will only be some every week. Anyway here goes....

style diary (3)

style diary (2)

style diary (1)

ye anyway it seemed i have a lot of chothes from primark this is because last year or the year before i did many raids in primark because i had hardly any pennies in my pocket and i needed chothes. However now i refrain from buying in primark because of the poor working conditions they subject their staff to and try to buy less chothes but chothes that last longer. But i still have no pennies in my pocket :(.

anyway i have to leave you now But i will post very soon!

Thanks for reading ... Emily xxx

p.s sorry for the poor quality images. My image hoster has gone wierd. Does anyone know good image hosters?

Monday, 28 January 2008

Hanging my Head :(

Sorry i have been the WORST blogger EVER EVER EVER and i hang my head in shame ^^^:(

I love the band Lightspeed Champion and their lead singer is the cutest thing i love him so muchHere are some lovely picturreees of him

How have you all been??


Thursday, 18 October 2007

Dries Van Noten and Daiane Conterato

Hola my lovelies
sorry i have been away for blooming ages however it is half term tommorrow so i will have more time to post!
I love Dries Van Noten the new collection is really really bright with bold prints. I don't know if i would wear the whole assemble together however i would love to wear bits and pieces also don't you love the glasses in the furthest on the right. I also love the trousers in picture one and two...

Also when you go on the website: here

they have some really beautiful images......

I especially love the top one i think it is of a model called: Daiane Conterato. She is extremely beautiful with very bold cheek bones:

Thank you for reading


Thursday, 13 September 2007

A Sombre Goodbye

Hi guys!! thank you for you lovely comments on the other post.
i am so sorry but i am deep in piles of coursework at the moment so i will not post again until i have completed it all which should hopefully be in about three weeks. The reason for this is that i have become a bit addicted to blogger and so whenever i go onto the computer i go on blogger instead of writing my coursework which is not very good at all. So i am very sorry but i will do another post as soon as i can....
Here is a somber picture to show my sombre mood at having to part with you all for three weeks.

It is also a rather lovely picture through i think. A lovely sombre picture


Sunday, 9 September 2007

Hello Television

Yesterday i got a new phone! Which i have been meaning to do for forever. It is a sony erricsson Z610i. I love it but i got i really bad contract my mistake which means i only get 50 texts and 250 minutes, when i wanted 600 texts and 75 minutes and you can't change the contractwhich is a bummer i suppose it just means i will be calling and not texting for 18 mounths. This is what it looks like.....

One of the magazines i read reguarly is called Vice it is free and it is a very good magazine for photography, music and other random topics. I was flicking through last mounths addition and saw a spread on some photographers who went streaking in Londons Trafalger Square it was a very funny spread and so i went on their website called hello television. It is a very well designed website see below....

And they also had some very cool pictures. This is just a tiny taster they have millions more.

And i really urge you to go check their site out click here to go. The two photographers are called Jake and Johnny There have some really gritty pictures aswell as these pretty ones ....

Thanks for reading


Saturday, 18 August 2007

Hurrican Dean and Jeff Oslon

I am so annoyed because we were going to go to Mexico this sunday but there is a bloody hurricane! it is called Hurricane Dean it is soooo annoying but on the upside we are going to Corfu instead which is a greek island. However it means i won't be able to post for a long time a week... which breaks my heart but i will try and post as soon as i get back! Also i have just realised this is my 50th post!!!!! times flys soo fast!
I was looking around on the Topshop website and i have noticed that everything has gotton sooo expensive i swear they have upped their prices and also they have recently been criticised for cheap labour it is ridiculous! Also there were some clothes i wanted from there new ads but when i went to oxford street they said they didn't get them in till october which i find really annoying. I know loads of magazines publish adverts when the chlotes they are showing aren't even in the shop yet but i find it really really annoying because i know i am going to forget to buy them by November....
I was mooching around the Internet and i came across Jeff Oslon's website. He is an amazing photographer and the website is really good. click here to go peek at it...Some of the photos are amazing here is a taster....
He also did a shoot of Cory Kennedy for a magazine......

What do you think about Cory Kennedy? Do you like her or hate her?

Thank you for reading


Thursday, 16 August 2007


I am sorry for abonding my blog for a week i have been rather busy with coursework and so i apoligise profusely.
I have recently become very attracted to Balenciagia's new collection. It is a mix of preepiness and ethnicy with blazers, jogpurs, african prints and ethnic scarfs. I love it what do you think? If i had the money i would definitly buy the jogpurs and maybe a blazer and dress or skirt. Click on the pictures to enlarge....

I also love the new advertising campaign....

Thank you for reading

Wednesday, 8 August 2007


Sorry, i have been away! I went to a really pretty island off France called Belle ile and the Lake District in Engerland and so i am sorry that i haven't posted for ages and ages and thank you so much for all you loverly comments suggesting which header i should use. And so i have counted up all the votes and so....

This header was by far the winner with 20 votes

This header had 5 votes

This header had 2 votes

This header had 1 vote

And this header had 9 votes

However although 1 is the winner alot of you said you also liked the header i have at the moment and so i will keep this header for another mounth and then in september i will swap it to number 1!
Thank you for being patient with me for the lack of posting

Sunday, 22 July 2007


I have recently designed a loads of new headers for my blog but i couldn't decide which one i liked best so...please can you decide for me??Can you vote to decide which one i should put as a header for my blog just leave a comment with the number of which one you want...
Or should i just stick with my old one?
aaaThanks and please leave a comment with the number...

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Wierd Aliens or Scary Soldiers?

This is backstage at John Galliano at Paris Mens spring/summer
How funny are the pictures? They models either look like wierd aliens or scary soldiers with piercings. Do u think John Galliano has gone mad or do u think he is a genius??

The photos just make me laugh everytime i see them!

Moving on there are a couple of things i have been wanting for ages namely...
I really want to buy this perfume...

But even on ebay it is £50 for 50ml i can't find anywhere to buy it cheaper. :( and it smells so goood.
I really want to buy this book......
NY JS DB 62 by David Bailey

As i am a photo fanatic i really really want this i think i will ask for it for my birthday which is in November.
Sorry this is a rather mixed post

Monday, 16 July 2007

Erin Fee and Reviews

Well so i saw Women In Black and Harry Potter. And i thought Women in Black was really good but nowhere as scary as i thought it would be but i guess we were at the very very back in the upper circle so it is problably much scary if you are in the stalls.
Harry Potter was good but not truly truly amazing and i think they could have explained things better because if you hadn't read the book or had completly forgotten it then you would not no at all what is going on. Also they did not mention quidditch once!
Also on Sunday i saw Die Hard with Bruce Willis which was really ridiculos it was really fake and there was this women in it who would have died like twenty times over but each time she survived and it got a bit annoying...
This is my new favourite model - Erin Fee

My favourite picture is the first one

Friday, 13 July 2007

Prada Pictures

This is an ad campaign for Prada for last season so i am sorry for the out of date post but i had saved the pictures to my computer ages ago and they are so beautiful and original i thought i would share them with you anyway....

Thanks for looking x