Monday, 29 January 2007

Topshop Adverts

I love the topshop adverts they are so stunning. The backdrops are particularly beautiful,
If anyone knows who shot them please tell me! Anyhoo here are some loverly pictures

This is one of my favourite pictures the purpley and greeny background really brings out the colour in the dress and in the models lips.

This one is cool as well and i love the shorts.

The model looks so stunning in this one

i love the top but i don't paticualy like her hair

I love the top

The models eyes in this one look like puppy eyes

i love this dress

Sunday, 28 January 2007

Coolio Shoes

both pairs are absolutly gorgeous!! but i can't remeber where i found them so you will just have to admire them from a distance.. which ones do u like better? i can't decide..

Monday, 15 January 2007


Some bright buttons!

I am sorry i haven't done a post for ages!

I have recently been obessed with buttons. So i thought i would do a post showing some random buttons i saw on the web. Buttons are so good for brightening up a boring skl bag or once i sewed them onto my shoes instead of laces. Also i have sewn some buttons on a waistcoat i got from h and m for £1. Here are the pics..

The Buttons i have sewn onto my waistcoat
More of the buttons i have sewn on my waistcoat

some cute buttons
Sorry i don't have a very good collection i
if i find some more gd ones i will post them

Sunday, 14 January 2007

Karen Walker

I love this top it is really original and fun
From Spring 06

Karen Walker is one of my favourite designers her collection for London Fashion week Spring 2006 particularly impressed me. So here are some of her cool clothes from the London Fashion Week Spring 2006 and the London Fashion Week A/w 2006 and some other random ones that i like :) enjoy..

This is one of my favourites i love the bow tie!
Spring 2006

I like the shape on this one and the design because she hasn't used the usual union jack colours she has changed them.

Autumn/ Winter 2006
Autumn/ Winter 2006

This one looks like the model is wearing pyjamas!

Spring 2006

I love the bow tie nd glasses!

Spring 2006

I love this top so much, the polka dots and the bow make it so unusual and original
Autumn/Winter 2006

I love this coat and the belt and the hat in fact i like the whole outfit!

Autumn/ Winter 2006

I like the huge box on this top

Spring 2006

Spring 2006

I LOVE the cartoon bow tie it is so fun

Spring 2006

Autumn/ Winter 2006

I like this cardigan

Spring 2006

Thank You for reading and if anyone wants to swap links just say xx

Tuesday, 9 January 2007

Anna Sui t-shirt artists

By Chooch AKA Dean Landry

Hey, This is a post about the lovely Anna Sui t-shirts, they have such great designs created by a variety of artists/designers. Personally i love them! anyhoo tell me what you think i will leave a link in the link box so you can look at some more x

By Hiroshi Tanabe

By Frank Kozik

By Jeffrey Fulvimari

By Jeffrey Fulvimari

By Kalani Lee

By Kalani Lee

Kalani Lee

By leyroy

By leyroy

By leyroy

by Masiyuki Ogisu

Masiyuki Ogisu

By Michael Economy

Michael Economy

By Michelle Kim

By Michelle Kim

By Michelle Kim

By Naho Ogawa

By Naho Ogowa

By Naho Ogowa

Thanks for reading! xxx