Friday, 27 April 2007

Throwing Biscuits at the ducks

I recently had a picnic in Hyde Park; it looks so lovely at this time of year. We were feeding the geese and ducks in the Serpentine with biscuits and my brother was trying to knock them out. It reminded me of About a Boy (the film with Hugh Grant) where the weird boy throws a loaf of bread at the ducks and kills one of them. You know the actor who plays the weird boy was recently in Skins. Skins is about British teenagers – about their wild partying and family troubles which are all hugely exaggerated. But true based. You know us British Teens – CRAZY. Anyway if any of you overseas people get a chance to watch it DO it is hilarious

the birds in hyde park

pretty picture


i recently bought a pair of pink skinny jeans from h and m for only £15!!!

Sorry this is a very random post. This is the next lot of urban outfitter stuff i really really want.

i love these trousers i like the green ones best. if i got them i would have trousers in all the colours of the rainbow as i already have pink ones.

i love this picture all the models have different colour trousers on. i think i am getting obessed with colourful trousers....

from the magazine i-d

thank you for reading this very mixed up post!

Monday, 23 April 2007

Bags and hair - what we all love

I know this is old old old news but don't you just love selma blairs hair? it is so pretty! she looks different as well i see here differently. it definitly suits here. Any way here is some more urban outfitter stuff.


aaah i need to get one of these bags to carry all my skl bags in. Gotta save save my money. P.S i am going back to school tomorrow noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Urban Outfitters kills

Urban Outfitter hurts me. I causes me to have heart break whenever i go in there. The clothes are just so lovely but i can't afford any of them. I want them all so much. I have officially 2 things from there. I long sleeved top with bows on and a knitted shrug which was in a sale. Here some pictures of the things i want. But in this post i am only going to do t-shirts otherwise it would be too long.


i love this one i also love the trainers

I love this but the girl looks wierd

Well i do love ebay
oooh i love love love this one

tell me what you think x

Monday, 16 April 2007

Ice creams at the seaside

i am very happy today i bought some high waisted skinny jeans which i had been meaning to buy for ages. i also bought a vintige waistcoat which i found in a charity shop for £1!! i charity shops. My other perchuses have been an i-d magazine i got off ebay. because i am interested at the moment in the 80's and i love i-d.

This weekend i have been at the sea side!! It didn't look quite like this! but hey i caught a tan! but the water was FREEZING gosh so cold. So i read loads of my book instead.

Things i need to buy:

  • Wedges i know gasp shock horror i don't have any yet

  • Summer dress

  • Pride and Predudice dvd

  • Electric blue high heels

  • White dress

  • Kings of Leon album

  • Old bloc Party album

  • Maximo Park album

if anyone has a suggestions as too which wedges or dresses i should get please say.

thank you

Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Aaaah Summer Dresses

Aaah summer is here, and i havn't found the perfect summer dress yet to go to all those garden lunches and summer barbecues. Here are some hopefuls ecept the all rather out of my budget. I think i think i like the Missoni dress the best, but i do really like the others too ooo i can't decide what do you like best?



diane von furstenburg

Saturday, 7 April 2007

Used to be Just me and My thoughts

Sorry i felt like changing my blog Title i got bored with it, i am so happy i have finally broken up from skl! We broke up on Thursday and were the last skl in the country to do so. So at the moment i am just having a major me time. after my me time i am going to the Oxford Cambridge boat race and then just doing art and maybe a bit of revision :( . We i broke up i was very hyper, so i went to the park with a friend and we went rather crazy with hockey sticks and bicycles. People were staring at us.
Anyhoo here are some loverly photos i found that i like which ones do you like?

I am really into black and white photos at the moment
This is Naomi Campbell

I LOVE this photo
glasses are kl