Thursday, 13 September 2007

A Sombre Goodbye

Hi guys!! thank you for you lovely comments on the other post.
i am so sorry but i am deep in piles of coursework at the moment so i will not post again until i have completed it all which should hopefully be in about three weeks. The reason for this is that i have become a bit addicted to blogger and so whenever i go onto the computer i go on blogger instead of writing my coursework which is not very good at all. So i am very sorry but i will do another post as soon as i can....
Here is a somber picture to show my sombre mood at having to part with you all for three weeks.

It is also a rather lovely picture through i think. A lovely sombre picture


Sunday, 9 September 2007

Hello Television

Yesterday i got a new phone! Which i have been meaning to do for forever. It is a sony erricsson Z610i. I love it but i got i really bad contract my mistake which means i only get 50 texts and 250 minutes, when i wanted 600 texts and 75 minutes and you can't change the contractwhich is a bummer i suppose it just means i will be calling and not texting for 18 mounths. This is what it looks like.....

One of the magazines i read reguarly is called Vice it is free and it is a very good magazine for photography, music and other random topics. I was flicking through last mounths addition and saw a spread on some photographers who went streaking in Londons Trafalger Square it was a very funny spread and so i went on their website called hello television. It is a very well designed website see below....

And they also had some very cool pictures. This is just a tiny taster they have millions more.

And i really urge you to go check their site out click here to go. The two photographers are called Jake and Johnny There have some really gritty pictures aswell as these pretty ones ....

Thanks for reading