Saturday, 26 May 2007

Weekly Loves - 4th week of May

P.O.W - Picture of the Week
M.O.W - Model of the Week
Anastasia - 1 model management

L.O.W - Look of the Week
I know it is summer but i love this look it will definitly keep me warm this coming winter

S.O.W - song of the Week
Blondie - hanging up the telephone
V.O.W - Video of the Week
Fashion Tv intiviewing the Sartorialist
Thanks for reading xxx


blushing apples said...

hi! of course i'll exchane links with you! i do it now.... thanks for visiting... i love the satorialist hes funny!!!

Emma said...

Gawjuss pics (and I never spell gorgeous like that, so you know I mean it).

beautyinbaltimore said...

I love models too. YOu have a very nice blog.

Tru said...

anastastia (I think I spelled that wrong, sorry) is wonderful

alluretone said...

loveee the look of the week. love the model too, she gives a different look in every one of her photos.

discothequechic said...

wow, completely love that video!

..thanks for introducing us! It just shows how much thought goes into each and every picture and I love it that he really wants them to look as fantastic as possible.

Its inspired me to check his site more often.

God, that model is beautiful too. I love this feature, it always introduces me to new things, which I love.

S xx

Bojana said...

Love that new girl!
Nice blog :D

Mash said...

gosh the video of the sartorialist is great , thanks for sharing this with us <3

F.M. said...

The top photo is subtle and beautiful.

-ciao bella- said...

gorgeous pictures. thanks for posting that video- it's hilarious.

sara said...

nive pow

Carolina Lange said...

Love the look of the week!

Elle said...

the girl in the 2nd picture is soo gorgeous

great blog.