Monday, 14 May 2007

I don't think even Spiderman would survive Duke of Edinburgh

My Topshop wishlist sorry it is a bit small!

This weekend i did my duke of Edinburugh award pratise run expedition. We walked 27 kilometres and camped in small tents...and it rained. That is all i need to say.

Moving on, When i came back from the expidetion i had a long long long bath and then my little brother asked me to take him to the cinema to see Spiderman 3.

It dragged on and there were too many bad guys - 4? i couldn't keep track of all of them. Also i think Peter Parker was too nerdy and then in the middle he went all EMO?? i mean what is that all about? it was very strange he also got all arrogant and mean.
Mary Jane - Kirsten Dunst was good but most of the outfits were green which i thought was a bit boring. Yes i know green suits red heads but it doesn't mean all you have to wear is green.

But in the last scene she wore a beutiful golden dress which made up for all the green outifts.

Also don't you think these two look alike?

Overall verdict: Funnier than the other two spidermans but otherwise too long. 6/10

Thanks for reading the rather long spiderman rant!


Anonymous said...

sorry that sounds like it sucked, but at least you were entertained @ spiderman!

i totally agree w/ your 6/10. and actually i hated kiki's last dress, it matched her hair, which for red-heads is a huge no-no!

and tobey and topher are meant to look alike! thats why they picked him, you know whole alterego thing

*** MeMiLy EdD *** said...

ooooh so they are ment to look alike i am so dumb.
Yeh i know it matched her hair but i still thought it was kl.

-ciao bella- said...

that's unfortunate about the camping trip but moving on- i haven't seen spiderman yet probably just because i haven't caught on to the craze even after 3 movies.... but whatever. great wishlist from topshop by the way- they have the cutest shoes ever! (along with everything else!)

Tru said...

it was okay

Maddy said...

Topher Grace is like twelve times foxier, but I see your point.

Mash said...

I think I am maybe the only girl who hasn't seen spider man 3 ! But i have to say that it's not my kind of movie... do you have a picture of the golden dress that Kirsten wear in the movie ?

Anonymous said...

just saw Spiderman3 yesterday and I always had to think about your comment about that "EMO" - haha u were soo right! He could have been played by Jared Leto and it had the same optic!!! hahaha

indie said...

omg I loved the part where peter park went emo. Me and my friends started laughing every time his hair falled down, and that sligth eye-make up!Priceless!
Then again, why they just didn't hire Jared Leto as his emo-double.