Monday, 26 March 2007

Bus Routes

Patrick Demarchelier Federico mastrianni

I love these photographs they are so striking. I especially like the one by Patrick Demarchelier it is very beautiful and at the same time rebellious. The model looks Gothic because of her black eyes but her blonde hair plays this down. She looks very "rock chic" sorry i hate to use that word. The second photograph is also punk. In both the photos they have black eyes.

Today, i felt like shit i was up all night until like 3 am so instead of going to school i decided to stay at home. Problem, how to fool my parents into thinking i had gone to school? Well, i left the house at normal time and then hopped on a bus ... the wrong bus on the other side of the road going to opposite way to school a 74. I wanted to stay on it long enough to give my dad time to go to work. Well so i stayed on the bus until the end of the route because the route it goes is so .... i don't know i just love it because i am fascinated by London. Well the bus went past Knightsbridge and Hyde Park i got off at Oxford St. and guess what i did? No, not shopping! i got on the bus on the other side of road and went straight home i know how weird? i couldn't face shopping i wanted to watch 24. But my stupid computer won't let my watch 24. So i thought i would do this.

Do you like these jeans? They are Levi i am bored of skinny jeans and can't face the wide leg jeans. I think i prefer the white ones.

These are skinny, one pair is apparently straight? they both look the same to me? Even though i am bored of skinny jeans i do quite fancy the blue ones.

Sunday, 18 March 2007

WOW leggings

Don't you love these leggings? They are from Diane Von Furstenburg they are very cool! Which ones do you like best? i think i like the green leopard print ones best. They are very bold and they follow the graphic print trend very well. Would you wear them with a skirt or on their own? i would love to wear them on their own with a plain white top. Or a House of Holland t-shirt What do you think?

Saturday, 17 March 2007

London fashion weekend (again)

Righty ho, here is the long awaited post. Sorry it has been so long yuh i know 2 weeks! London fashion weekend was fun but it wasn't as good as it would have been to go to the real thing (London Fashion Week) but it was still fun. It was basically a designer sale and everything was reduced to really cheap prices. There was also FREE ice creams they were yummy scrummy my friend who i went with, lets call her Tom ate loads, the stallholder was getting really annoyed because we ate all of them! There were also 2 catwalks. A Tony and Guy one that was about hair and how to style the season new hair trends and there was an EVE one ( a British magazine) they were very good. And there was a goodie bag; i got a free eyeshadow, hair spray, two magazines, biscuits, coffee and more It was £4. Well here are the pictures....

These were the first models on the tony and guy catwalk they were quite scary!

These were the next models on the tony and guy catwalk. The stylists showed us how they styled their hair. I love the blonde ones hair.
You can't see the hair very well but it was really cool, it was a plait around the side of her head.

This was the Eve magazines cat walk. They were showcasing the new season trends.

I love this coat

I love this coat and i think the model is really pretty.

I think this looks awful on the model

I like this dress and the back is soo kl
I love the square back

This dress is beautiful i love the waist detail

These were some pictures i managed to take of the stalls before the security guard told me off.

Well thank you for reading x

Tuesday, 6 March 2007

London Fashion Weekend

Yes London Fashion Weekend was very fun. But i havn't found my photo uploader thingy yet so i will soon give u an extra long post (for the extra long wait) on it! And i will find it soon!!