Thursday, 31 May 2007

Results of Poll, My new camera!

Well these are the results of my poll. Thank you to everyone who voted as u can see the majority of readers of my blog are fashion queens!Next came a tie of Designer bannana's, Crazed Ladys? and Party girls..... And we even had the next ugly betty! i have now made another one.. Anyway i am sorry i haven't posted in a while i was away and by the way i brought this camera! I love it so much it is the samsung NV10 and i recomment it to everyone... Thanks for reading x

Saturday, 26 May 2007

Weekly Loves - 4th week of May

P.O.W - Picture of the Week
M.O.W - Model of the Week
Anastasia - 1 model management

L.O.W - Look of the Week
I know it is summer but i love this look it will definitly keep me warm this coming winter

S.O.W - song of the Week
Blondie - hanging up the telephone
V.O.W - Video of the Week
Fashion Tv intiviewing the Sartorialist
Thanks for reading xxx

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Vendala Wikberg

As lots of people was giving me positive feedback about this model as she is my model of the week i decided to do a post on her:
she is a model from Sweden and alot of you have problably seen her picture on or The Sartorialist....

Height: 5'9.5''
Bust: 32''Waist: 23''
Hips: 35''
Agencies: Mikas, ford Paris
Anyway i was on The Sartorialist site and looking at the comments and someone said she was a model so i went on the site and i found the most stunning pictures that i had to post so here you are:

Those GLASSES i want them so much

i love this pic

She looks like a china doll

The lipstick is so kl

She looks like Twiggy here

Saturday, 19 May 2007

Weekly Loves - 3rd week of May

Picture of the Week (P.O.W)
Look of the Week (L.O.W)
Model of the Week (M.O.W)
Vendela Wikberg

This are all my favourite things this week. There are all on the side bar with my sound of the Week (S.O.W) which is The Go! Team - Huddle Formation.
There is also my video of the week (V.O.W) on the side bar witch is really wierd but really kl i saw it on stylebubble and decided it had to go on my blog so if u want to see it bigger as i could get it any bigger on my side bar go to: and it was posted on the 20 May 2007 under Dress rejuvenation

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Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Babysitting and Sportmax

Sorry this is a lazy post but i have an excuse as i have to go babysit! I love babysitting it is the easiest way to make money. I did it last week and i got money for just watching The Devil Wears Prada with the sweetist and nicest little girl ever. I am getting really stressed out by exams and i need to prepare my french oral but as ever blogger hold of me and i ended up writing this instead.
Don't you love these chlothes from Sportmax? The skirt is so pretty and the shorts are rather in your face but i still love them. If only i had the money...maybe i should save up all my babysitting money....nooo topshop awaits.

It reminds me of a tulip
These remind me of a clown
You remind me of a fairy...

Monday, 14 May 2007

I don't think even Spiderman would survive Duke of Edinburgh

My Topshop wishlist sorry it is a bit small!

This weekend i did my duke of Edinburugh award pratise run expedition. We walked 27 kilometres and camped in small tents...and it rained. That is all i need to say.

Moving on, When i came back from the expidetion i had a long long long bath and then my little brother asked me to take him to the cinema to see Spiderman 3.

It dragged on and there were too many bad guys - 4? i couldn't keep track of all of them. Also i think Peter Parker was too nerdy and then in the middle he went all EMO?? i mean what is that all about? it was very strange he also got all arrogant and mean.
Mary Jane - Kirsten Dunst was good but most of the outfits were green which i thought was a bit boring. Yes i know green suits red heads but it doesn't mean all you have to wear is green.

But in the last scene she wore a beutiful golden dress which made up for all the green outifts.

Also don't you think these two look alike?

Overall verdict: Funnier than the other two spidermans but otherwise too long. 6/10

Thanks for reading the rather long spiderman rant!

Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Shoes for your feet not your Hands

These are loverly shoes from Urban Outfitters. I know you must be thinking "more Urban Outfitters?? there have been 3 other posts on it." but i love it so.....

I must have these i must
i love the goofyness of them
p.s go to my new blog i have with my friend it is

Sunday, 6 May 2007

Georgia Frost needs A Holiday

All the weekend my friend is staying let call her frenchie 1 well yesterday we went to stay with frenchie 2, and frenchie 3 was there too! (ok my skl hasn't been taken over by frenchies i just happen to be friends with all the french people - which is good for my french) well anyway we watched the holiday. Which took ages as her father was testing out this projecter and it wouldn't work and so we ending up plugging the laptop into the t.v. Anyway.. the holiday is such a feel good movie i was so hyper after. The only crap scene is one of the last scenes when cameron diaz is running for is so stupid. But other than that it was a really good movie. Jude Law is soooooo good looking and there is one scene where he cries...that is like the best scene i have EVER scene in a movie! i love sensitive guys.

The week has been so busy. I hate revision. It is ruining my life. So to take a break from revision i have decided to do this! Georgia Frost is one of my new favourite models. I love her peroxide hair, dark eyebrows and classic beauty. here are some of my favourite pictures of her.

i love this type of photos of her they are so grainy and they look older. The light, the colours and the blurryness create a softer, aged look to the photos.

i love this photo, her hair is so pretty

she looks very much like a rock chick with platinmum hair and leathers

this is such a pretty picture of her
i have also made a photo blog with my friend which we put up photos that we love. go and take a peek at it. the address is

Thursday, 3 May 2007

Dissappointment .... sorry Kate

For me, The kate moss collection at topshop is a dissappointment. I am sorry to offend any people but that is my opinion.At the moment (there are more seasons to come) i can only find one and a half things that i want. I was expecting to love all of it. The t-shirts and vests were just any old t-shirts and vests....for me it was nothing special.Here are the things i want.

I love is a jacket made of coins but wouldn't it be rather heavy???

if the strings on these were brown i would like them more. And it would make there be 2 things that i want.

Tuesday, 1 May 2007

A Hat made of hair? Ewww

I have been really bad at posting recently because of the Dumb exams we are ment to be revising for. Yes, i admit it i am ment to be revising for French right now. Or doing Art but... oh well i thought i would do this instead.
All last week my friends have had their spanish exchanges over, i didn't have one because i do French but the spanish ppl were very nice and funny. I remembered my spanish (some of it) i gave it up last year - i had literally forgotten it all except hola. The exchanges were called Brenda and Victoria we had many fun times as i went out alot with them to help my friends. One of them was when Brenda spent £50 yes, £50 in accessories in ACCESSORIZE i mean £50 in topshop would be fine but accessorize?? then, she wanted to take it all back!!! and we had a hard time explaing to her in spanish until hurrah the manager turned out to be spanish and so she explained it all.
Here are some loverly pictures of different styles of hair which i took or not but i found them in a tony and guy magazine and lovingly arranged them for you to see.

the beehive

The knot

the hat

see - you can make honey from hair you can tie it in a knot and it will keep your head warm.

what a stupid joke i will explain beehive, bees, honey? get it?