Sunday, 22 July 2007


I have recently designed a loads of new headers for my blog but i couldn't decide which one i liked best so...please can you decide for me??Can you vote to decide which one i should put as a header for my blog just leave a comment with the number of which one you want...
Or should i just stick with my old one?
aaaThanks and please leave a comment with the number...

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Wierd Aliens or Scary Soldiers?

This is backstage at John Galliano at Paris Mens spring/summer
How funny are the pictures? They models either look like wierd aliens or scary soldiers with piercings. Do u think John Galliano has gone mad or do u think he is a genius??

The photos just make me laugh everytime i see them!

Moving on there are a couple of things i have been wanting for ages namely...
I really want to buy this perfume...

But even on ebay it is £50 for 50ml i can't find anywhere to buy it cheaper. :( and it smells so goood.
I really want to buy this book......
NY JS DB 62 by David Bailey

As i am a photo fanatic i really really want this i think i will ask for it for my birthday which is in November.
Sorry this is a rather mixed post

Monday, 16 July 2007

Erin Fee and Reviews

Well so i saw Women In Black and Harry Potter. And i thought Women in Black was really good but nowhere as scary as i thought it would be but i guess we were at the very very back in the upper circle so it is problably much scary if you are in the stalls.
Harry Potter was good but not truly truly amazing and i think they could have explained things better because if you hadn't read the book or had completly forgotten it then you would not no at all what is going on. Also they did not mention quidditch once!
Also on Sunday i saw Die Hard with Bruce Willis which was really ridiculos it was really fake and there was this women in it who would have died like twenty times over but each time she survived and it got a bit annoying...
This is my new favourite model - Erin Fee

My favourite picture is the first one

Friday, 13 July 2007

Prada Pictures

This is an ad campaign for Prada for last season so i am sorry for the out of date post but i had saved the pictures to my computer ages ago and they are so beautiful and original i thought i would share them with you anyway....

Thanks for looking x

Tuesday, 10 July 2007

I wonder if Harry has met the Women in Black?

I am sorry for not posting for ages i am such a bad person. I have just been rather lazy! And thank you for all ur comments on the photo blog that i share with my friend....
This thursday i am going to harry potter yey! should be good hopefully and i am praying it is not one of those things that i get all overexcited about and then feel completely let down afterwards.... But the trailer looks good except i liked harry's hair better in the last film. What do you think??

I am also going to see Women in Black tommorrow which a play and really scary i am going to be so freaked out. And i have never been to a scary play before! I am going at the fortune theatre click here to book tickets i will tell u all about it when i have seen them both!

And i love these photos of the model Agyness Dean....

Thanks for reading


Thursday, 5 July 2007

Really Really wanting these

These tops are from Urban Outifitters! and i really would rather like to own them!! Sorry i see this is turning into another rant about Urban Outifitters!
Do u like them??

Monday, 2 July 2007

Weekly Loves - 1st week of July

I am sorry my weekly loves have got rather infrequent they have really turned into whenever i feel like it loves... Anyhoo here is your one for July
P.O.W - Picture of the Week T.O.W - Thing of the Week
these lovely pretzel necklaces are made by Lucy Folk an Australian jewelery desingner

M.O.W - Model of the Week - Masha Tyelna - Storm agency

V.O.W - Video of the Week
Mad Magazines - a video i found on very interesting.
S.O.W - Song of the Week
The Teenagers - Homecoming
view here
i love this song it is so funny
Anyway this weekend my friends went to audition for the next harry potter movie as Lavender Brown i slept in too late so i couldn't go i am such an idiot but anyway they said they had to queue for ages and ages - from 8 am till 1pm. I brought them refreashments - biscuits, water, cards and magazines! I had to plead with the sercurity guard to let me in as i had gone to the wrong gate. There were thousands of people i can't remeber the figure and all the organisers did was take your picture and ask u ur name and age! And hardly anypeople get to the second round and of course only one person out of those thousands will get the part!
Thanks for reading