Tuesday, 8 July 2008

WOW Long Time and No Blog!

Here are some beautiful photos By Horst Diekgerdes which were featured in the March 2008 Another magazine I know are rather old but they are so beautiful I thought i would put them up anyway :) the stylist was Katy England... click here to see them on the dazed digital website...
Also, I have recently fallen in love with this guy's haircut from the 90's alt rock group The Stone Roses don't ask me why.. I find it just so grungey and rockery.. i love the 90's
Also, I have found such a beautiful man/ boy who was in therock band called Skid Row, he is actually one of the prettiest boys i have ever ever seen and goes by the name of Sebastian Bach...
I hope you are all well, and I going to start posting a lot more regualy... so i will definitely post soon.

Thank you for reading

Emily x

Monday, 7 July 2008

Chothes Diary

Hello my loveliess
Right, now all my work is done i am going to get this blog up and running again because it is awful how badly i have miss treated it.
I am going to start by including some pictures from a chothes diary i have kept now we are allowed to wear our own chlothes to school. However i have quite a lot of pictures! so there will only be some every week. Anyway here goes....

style diary (3)

style diary (2)

style diary (1)

ye anyway it seemed i have a lot of chothes from primark this is because last year or the year before i did many raids in primark because i had hardly any pennies in my pocket and i needed chothes. However now i refrain from buying in primark because of the poor working conditions they subject their staff to and try to buy less chothes but chothes that last longer. But i still have no pennies in my pocket :(.

anyway i have to leave you now But i will post very soon!

Thanks for reading ... Emily xxx

p.s sorry for the poor quality images. My image hoster has gone wierd. Does anyone know good image hosters?

Monday, 28 January 2008

Hanging my Head :(

Sorry i have been the WORST blogger EVER EVER EVER and i hang my head in shame ^^^:(

I love the band Lightspeed Champion and their lead singer is the cutest thing i love him so muchHere are some lovely picturreees of him

How have you all been??