Saturday, 24 February 2007

Hello hello i am on half term at the moment which i must say is incredibly relaxing but i have to go back to school on Monday and i am not looking forward to it. I wish we had another week then i would feel even better. Anyway i am VERY excited because on Sunday i am going to LONDON FASHION WEEKEND !!!! But i dont know what to wear but i think i am going to use the big easy trend as my influence i saw these wonderful trousers in Grazia ( a British magazine out every week ) and i was going to take a picture of them and post it but i can't find my camera. So here are so pictures of other looks that caught my eye.Betty Jackson

Betty Jackson

Bottega Veneta

Also i love this style of trousers my mother has a pair from jeager and i think i am going to steal them and wear them to London fashion weekend but i am not sure if anyone has any ideas please leave a comment and tell me!

I have discovered a really useful thing.. my local library lets you borrow Cd's for free so i have been taking out these really good Cd's and then just putting them on my itunes so i get a CD for free! the latest one i have taken out is Paulo Nutini and if you haven't heard his album yet do!!! it is very very good!

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Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Giles Deacon and Gareth Pugh

Sorry i am soooo bad at posting regularly! Well... these are some tres kl t-shirts that i saw and i thought i would share them all with you sorry it is not a very long post! I like the Get your Freak on Giles Deacon one better because i love purple and pink together!

I also love his leggings!

His glasses are kl x

Monday, 5 February 2007

Vogue Covers and Kate Moss

This was Her first Vogue cover I love her eyes they are very pretty and she looks so innnocent and young.
March 1993

I am so sorry i haven't done my blog for ages! i have become facinated with all of the vogue covers and then i realised Kate Moss has done a record breaking 23 covers for Vogue so i thought i would do a post on them. If you want to look at the rest as i havn't included all of them go to
my favourites of her cover are:

She looks so innocent like a teenager going to a party with friends! She is in the middle by the way.
Dec 1994 This one is so beutiful and it made me realise something i never noticed before her eyes are green!!
June 1998
May 2000
Her hair is grey!
Sept 2000
Her hair is grey!
Sept 2000
the queen of style
Dec 2001
I looove this one The union Jack rocks so does Britain.
Jan 2002
Pretty Spring
March 2003

This is a very kl one i love the stripe down her faceThis is my favourite one.
May 2003

Sept 2005

June 2006

I funny how much she had matured over the years she definitly looks older. Look at her first vogue cover to this one her most recent one.
Sept 2006

Thank you for reading i hope you enjoyed the post!