Saturday, 18 August 2007

Hurrican Dean and Jeff Oslon

I am so annoyed because we were going to go to Mexico this sunday but there is a bloody hurricane! it is called Hurricane Dean it is soooo annoying but on the upside we are going to Corfu instead which is a greek island. However it means i won't be able to post for a long time a week... which breaks my heart but i will try and post as soon as i get back! Also i have just realised this is my 50th post!!!!! times flys soo fast!
I was looking around on the Topshop website and i have noticed that everything has gotton sooo expensive i swear they have upped their prices and also they have recently been criticised for cheap labour it is ridiculous! Also there were some clothes i wanted from there new ads but when i went to oxford street they said they didn't get them in till october which i find really annoying. I know loads of magazines publish adverts when the chlotes they are showing aren't even in the shop yet but i find it really really annoying because i know i am going to forget to buy them by November....
I was mooching around the Internet and i came across Jeff Oslon's website. He is an amazing photographer and the website is really good. click here to go peek at it...Some of the photos are amazing here is a taster....
He also did a shoot of Cory Kennedy for a magazine......

What do you think about Cory Kennedy? Do you like her or hate her?

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Thursday, 16 August 2007


I am sorry for abonding my blog for a week i have been rather busy with coursework and so i apoligise profusely.
I have recently become very attracted to Balenciagia's new collection. It is a mix of preepiness and ethnicy with blazers, jogpurs, african prints and ethnic scarfs. I love it what do you think? If i had the money i would definitly buy the jogpurs and maybe a blazer and dress or skirt. Click on the pictures to enlarge....

I also love the new advertising campaign....

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Wednesday, 8 August 2007


Sorry, i have been away! I went to a really pretty island off France called Belle ile and the Lake District in Engerland and so i am sorry that i haven't posted for ages and ages and thank you so much for all you loverly comments suggesting which header i should use. And so i have counted up all the votes and so....

This header was by far the winner with 20 votes

This header had 5 votes

This header had 2 votes

This header had 1 vote

And this header had 9 votes

However although 1 is the winner alot of you said you also liked the header i have at the moment and so i will keep this header for another mounth and then in september i will swap it to number 1!
Thank you for being patient with me for the lack of posting