Monday, 2 July 2007

Weekly Loves - 1st week of July

I am sorry my weekly loves have got rather infrequent they have really turned into whenever i feel like it loves... Anyhoo here is your one for July
P.O.W - Picture of the Week T.O.W - Thing of the Week
these lovely pretzel necklaces are made by Lucy Folk an Australian jewelery desingner

M.O.W - Model of the Week - Masha Tyelna - Storm agency

V.O.W - Video of the Week
Mad Magazines - a video i found on very interesting.
S.O.W - Song of the Week
The Teenagers - Homecoming
view here
i love this song it is so funny
Anyway this weekend my friends went to audition for the next harry potter movie as Lavender Brown i slept in too late so i couldn't go i am such an idiot but anyway they said they had to queue for ages and ages - from 8 am till 1pm. I brought them refreashments - biscuits, water, cards and magazines! I had to plead with the sercurity guard to let me in as i had gone to the wrong gate. There were thousands of people i can't remeber the figure and all the organisers did was take your picture and ask u ur name and age! And hardly anypeople get to the second round and of course only one person out of those thousands will get the part!
Thanks for reading


Anonymous said...

cool i'm so jealous of the lavendar brown thing


rollergirl said...

Oh the Teenagers are my new obsession!

Diana Coronado said...

Oh my, she got a big, big, big eyes!!

Pretty In Black said...

I want a pretzel neclace! It is peculiar which makes it perfect.

Tru said...

those pretzel necklaces remind me of the one miss. carrie bradshaw wore on SATC

moose on the loose said...

LOVE the new header. If you don't mind my asking, where did you get the picture?

Are you going to be the new Lavender Brown?

Jennifer said...

that pretzel necklace is amazing I love it!!

*** MeMiLy EdD *** said...

dear moose on the loose
i got the header pictures from this really kl magazine called osyter

Bella said...

The pretzel necklaces are adorable...i really want one now....

Anonymous said...

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