Monday, 11 June 2007

Weekly Loves - 2nd Week of June

This was on The Sartorialist ages ago. I love the look so much the shirt dress with a hoodie is just ingienius if anyone knows where to get one please say.
This was on my Photo Blog i have with my friend. But i loved it so much i decided to put it on this one aswell...

Rita Mouldagalieva - Premier Model Management
( i especially love the middle picture it looks like something drawn by Leonardo De Vinci)

This is a video of photos - it took the best photos out of a presentation documenting fashion photography and i really urge you to watch it there are some very striking images in it.
Click here to watch.
This is a very good Song By a band called Blood Red Shoes and this song is called "its getting boring by the sea".
The band are from Brighton (in England - a brilliant place to shop)
Click here to watch

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Joyce said...

I like it how the girl wears that oversized hoodie, it makes me want to buy a lot more oversized hoodies to combine, cos I dont have many (its a shame).

discothequechic said...

Blood Red Shoes are cool I saw then supporting Young Knives in bristol a couple of months ago and felt sorry for them because the strings on the girls guitar kept breaking. They carried if off well, though apart from her slapped-arse-face-expression which made her a little hard to like!

That model looks very interesting, I see what you mean about the middle picture, kind of looks like a painting?

S xx

PS, Thanks for your lovely comment, I like long ones, a you have probably noticed!

Tru said...

gotta check out that song

Carolina Lange said...

That hoodie looks great!

Emma said...

Great song! And I love that 2nd photo.

SICK. said...

there is a sleeveless anorak dress, i saw it in teenvogue and i loved it.
one catch: it's by anna sui.
you can guess the price tag isn't very reasonable.

Anonymous said...