Saturday, 7 April 2007

Used to be Just me and My thoughts

Sorry i felt like changing my blog Title i got bored with it, i am so happy i have finally broken up from skl! We broke up on Thursday and were the last skl in the country to do so. So at the moment i am just having a major me time. after my me time i am going to the Oxford Cambridge boat race and then just doing art and maybe a bit of revision :( . We i broke up i was very hyper, so i went to the park with a friend and we went rather crazy with hockey sticks and bicycles. People were staring at us.
Anyhoo here are some loverly photos i found that i like which ones do you like?

I am really into black and white photos at the moment
This is Naomi Campbell

I LOVE this photo
glasses are kl


Tru said...

i like the first photo friend and I went for ice cream when out school broke for break

MOLLY GRAY said...

amazing photos!
+molly g.+

-ciao bella- said...

the first photo is my favorite by far
p.s. god you're already out of school? you're so damn lucky... i just got back from London and am sad because i missed a lot of the stuff i wanted to do in oxford by like 2 days :-(

-ciao bella- said...

i know- i thought that oxford was absolutely gorgous! i so want to go there! i had a great time in london too. but the only thing was that everything was so $$$ compared to here. you guys must have a great time when you come over here b/c to yall it's all half price!

Anonymous said...

Love the glasses. They bring out my inner nerd! Yeah. Check out my blog if you like:

Money Miss said...

Ze glasses. I want glasses like that. Why didn't I get glasses like that?
Why did I listen to the stupid glasses person? She didn't have glasses? She doesn't have to live with them!!

MOLLY GRAY said...

i changed the looks of my blogger.. come check it out and tell me what u think.
+molly g.+

Mash said...

I love the first picture , do you know the name of the photographer ?

true supermodel said...

I love the last two. I want those glases.