Saturday, 17 March 2007

London fashion weekend (again)

Righty ho, here is the long awaited post. Sorry it has been so long yuh i know 2 weeks! London fashion weekend was fun but it wasn't as good as it would have been to go to the real thing (London Fashion Week) but it was still fun. It was basically a designer sale and everything was reduced to really cheap prices. There was also FREE ice creams they were yummy scrummy my friend who i went with, lets call her Tom ate loads, the stallholder was getting really annoyed because we ate all of them! There were also 2 catwalks. A Tony and Guy one that was about hair and how to style the season new hair trends and there was an EVE one ( a British magazine) they were very good. And there was a goodie bag; i got a free eyeshadow, hair spray, two magazines, biscuits, coffee and more It was £4. Well here are the pictures....

These were the first models on the tony and guy catwalk they were quite scary!

These were the next models on the tony and guy catwalk. The stylists showed us how they styled their hair. I love the blonde ones hair.
You can't see the hair very well but it was really cool, it was a plait around the side of her head.

This was the Eve magazines cat walk. They were showcasing the new season trends.

I love this coat

I love this coat and i think the model is really pretty.

I think this looks awful on the model

I like this dress and the back is soo kl
I love the square back

This dress is beautiful i love the waist detail

These were some pictures i managed to take of the stalls before the security guard told me off.

Well thank you for reading x


maya said...

looks like such fun! i wish i could have gone.

Emma said...

fantastic blog!
you are so so so lucky you got to go to london fashion week, that's like a dream come true.

rrose selavy said...

pffff youre sooooooooo lucky.

Miss V. said...

Wow, thoes are amazing pictures! It sounds that you had a lot of fun! Good for you :)

Candid Cool said...

the long blue jeweled gown is gorgeous

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