Saturday, 24 February 2007

Hello hello i am on half term at the moment which i must say is incredibly relaxing but i have to go back to school on Monday and i am not looking forward to it. I wish we had another week then i would feel even better. Anyway i am VERY excited because on Sunday i am going to LONDON FASHION WEEKEND !!!! But i dont know what to wear but i think i am going to use the big easy trend as my influence i saw these wonderful trousers in Grazia ( a British magazine out every week ) and i was going to take a picture of them and post it but i can't find my camera. So here are so pictures of other looks that caught my eye.Betty Jackson

Betty Jackson

Bottega Veneta

Also i love this style of trousers my mother has a pair from jeager and i think i am going to steal them and wear them to London fashion weekend but i am not sure if anyone has any ideas please leave a comment and tell me!

I have discovered a really useful thing.. my local library lets you borrow Cd's for free so i have been taking out these really good Cd's and then just putting them on my itunes so i get a CD for free! the latest one i have taken out is Paulo Nutini and if you haven't heard his album yet do!!! it is very very good!

Thank you for reading and if you want to swap links just say! xxx


MOLLY GRAY said...

amazing choicess!!
+molly g.+

coco said...

i hope you had a great time.
my first time at fashion week was so exciting, although once i got there it wasnt that special. but the buzz of being there is amazing.

dusk&summer said...

gah! I'm so jealous right now!! lol have fuN!

lauren said...

You're so lucky! You must give us a full update!

~ Bluebell ~ said...

was it fun ??

~ Bluebell ~ said...

was it fun ?? tell me all, loving the blog !! love you x x x

maya said...

i'd love to swap links with you if that's cool. was it fun? i really wanted to go but i couldn't. I love the paulo nutini album too.

Annie said...

I love paulo nutini! I got the free download song on itunes called 'new shoes' and have loved him ever since.